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We speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

Mike Noel

Certified Master Technician

E-mail: mike@myautomotive.biz

About Mike

I started my auto repair life like anyone else. Born and raised in Orlando, Fl, as I grew up I began working at Noel’s Automotive, My fathers repair shop. When one of my family members became ill I suddenly found myself running the whole show at only 17 years old. What my dad hadn’t taught me about business management I learned very quickly with hands on experience. I found out, just like my dad told me, “if you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you”. To this day my main “job” is making sure our customers are getting the quality and experience they expect.

European Car Repair

As far as my European repair expertise, my dad made sure to hone my repair skills on these cars. I soon gained a reputation as the go-to guy for several Jaguar and Mercedes owners. Bimmers, Rovers. and the like soon followed.

“Orlando, FL? How did you end up here?”

That’s the question I get asked almost every time someone finds out where I am originally from. Now I’m from Columbia, MO. I moved here in the year 2000, to be closer to my fathers side of the family as he is originally from here.

After settling in, I worked at a few of the repair shops around town. My European repair skills did not go unnoticed and I ended up working at a European car dealer for awhile. I finally partnered up with Yuri in 2006 to open M Y Automotive. Since we both have good reputations with European vehicles we soon found our place in the Columbia auto repair market. We quickly became the leading European vehicle repair facility in town. Of course, we still work on all makes and models, and we are very well educated and equipped for them.

So I opened up a business, fell in love, and make my life right here in Columbia, MO.

Love… I’m sure you caught that, so here it is.

I met Bree in 2003. We fell in love and were later married in 2006. With Bree I also gained the best daughter anyone could hope for. Bree and I also have a son to ad to the chaos of family and entrepreneurship. Our daughter knows just about everything and is currently learning to drive. Our son is learning everything and doing a fine job of driving us batty. I’m proud to say we have a very close family. We have plenty of fun together. Whether we’re driving to Homer, IL for the Homer Soda Fest, or hiking down to the Devil’s Ice Box right here in Columbia.


Class of 1997, Edgewater High School, Home of the Fighting Eagles. As I mentioned before, most of my vehicle knowledge came from my dad. Since then I mostly study and read about new automotive trends in manufacture and repair to help keep up to date. I average 1 class a month thru A/C Delco training that helps me keep up with new technologies and I stay involved with online repair communities to share information about auto repair.

Yuri Rozenblat

Certified Technician

E-mail: yuri@myautomotive.biz

About Yuri

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Yuri grew up to witness the collapse of the soviet union and the struggle of forming new governments first hand. Luckily, he had enough sense to get an education and find his place to be. In 1989 Yuri graduated with an engineering degree from the Industrial Economic College of Kiev. He also received training and was awarded his BMW certification in 1994, he then started work as a contractor for a government fleet.

Coming to America…

Yuri and his family, along with his mother and father, moved to the united states in 1996. They ended up coming to Columbia because Yuri’s sister was here working for the University of Missouri. After settling in Yuri began working for a local auto repair chain, and his family started becoming a part of our community. His son graduated from Rockbridge High School and now attends the University of Minnesota. His daughter currently attends Hickman High School. Yuri’s wife Olena earned her teaching degree and hairdresser diploma in Ukraine. She is currently building up clientele to be able to open her own perukarnya, or beauty salon.

The M Y Automotive Part

Yuri met Mike when Mike began working at the same shop as Yuri. They both were disappointed in the lack of trust and service in the local auto repair scene. In 2006 they teamed up and opened M Y Automotive. The shop soon gained a reputation for outstanding customer service and performing correct repairs that actually fixed vehicles. The rest of the story is hard work and perseverance, just as the M Y Automotive reputation shows.

Vodka and Bear Wrestling

Yuri spends his free time like most of us do, you know, without the excessive vodka and bear wrestling. He enjoys spending time with his family and is currently rekindling his interest in woodworking. Yuri is still very glad he decided to move to the United States and continues the pursuit of his American Dream.